Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


by Filippo Vendemmiati
Italy, 90', 2020

26.09 | H21 @Cinema Teatro Astra

This documentary film tells the story of Canzoniere delle Lame, a politically and socially active music group formed in Bologna in 1967. During its twenty-year acti­vity, the group has performed in more than a thousand concerts in Italy and abroad, singing with workers of occupied factories and emigrants in Switzerland as well as performing at great international festivals. The first scenes of the film are set in a Parisian antique market along the Seine where the story begins. Through unpublished songs, videos and beautiful audios from the hippie and post-1968 periods, the story moves on to Bologna. Here, while they are leaving for an unknown destination, we can hear the first dialogues between the young musician Jack (Altre di B) and Albi (Lo Stato Sociale) talking to Janna Carioli and the other ex-members of Canzoniere delle Lame.

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