Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


by Flavia Mastrella, Antonio Rezza
Italy, 78', 2020

26.09 | H19.15 @Cinema Teatro Astra

SAMP is an “on the road” film, it breaks the screenplay into pieces and enhance locations and actors.

Antonio Rezza is Samp, a hit man hired by a powerful president to kill a group of traditionalists. Samp suffers from psychological disorders which he takes care of listening to music. After having killed his mother, he wanders throughout Puglia looking for the ideal woman; during his wandering he meets people living a natural life, characters in search of their origins and a unique musician. Suddenly, he falls in love, more than one time, with unreal women. He kills again and rediscovers a lost humanity that will end his power ambitions. 
The shooting of Samp started nineteen years ago and has been completed in 2020. Many characters aged along with the authors, while images and colours vividness is castigated in a frame that throbs on the screen. 

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