Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


Dancing untill dawn

by Elisabetta Sgarbi
Italy, 90', 2020

26.09 | H21.30 @TBA
Five years ago or so, Moreno il Biondo, the legendary head of the Casadei Orchestra, a ballroom dancing and dance hall star and a clarinet virtuoso, met Mirco Mariani, an experimental musician and sophisticated composer, not to mention a connoisseur and collector of rare and antique instruments. So it was that with the blessings of Riccarda Casadei (Secondo Casadei’s daughter), these two very different musicians, who shared just their absolute dedication to music, founded Extraliscio. How could the new band not include the man who introduced the song “Romagna mia” to the world, Romagna’s own Alain Delon, Mauro Ferrara? That’s how the romagnolo tradition of ballroom dancing - the real thing, that “you don’t stop till dawn,” for as long as the dancers can hold out - encountered new sounds and new settings, and a once unthinkable bending of genres, from rock and pop to electronic music, took place. New horizons for the folklore of Romagna, and Romagna itself joined the world stage. Ermanno Cavazzoni - a writer from adjacent Emilia, author of Poema dei lunatici, on which Federico Fellini based his last film, The Voice of the Moon - is the narrator of the film and is our guide to the remarkably unconventional saga of Extraliscio, from its genesis to the present day.

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