Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


Tribute to Sandra Milo

di Dino Risi
Italia, 97', 1965

27.09 | H22 @Cinema Teatro Astra

The engineer Enrico Marletti, taking advantage of two days of vacation, decides to visit his wife Giuliana on vacation on the Adriatic. Leaving Rome he finds himself immersed in the frenetic atmosphere of a beach in "high season", full of gossipy, boring, intrusive people, who to have fun adapt to every silly, exhausting occupation. Enrico does not delay in realizing that Giuliana is uncomfortable. Jealous, he believes that he sees in Sergio, a 
"latin lover" bathing, the cause of the disturbance. In truth there is a suitor, it is Count Bellanca, a character who tries to conquer Giuliana using the poets "engaged", with the secret purpose of getting some good business from the adventure since the count is an antique dealer. The situation deviates from the dangerous slope along which it seemed to slip. Rasserenato, the engineer Marletti will return to Rome, where he will finally be able to indulge in a long restful sleep.

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