Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY

8 ½

Tribute to Federico Fellini

di Federico Fellini
Italia, 138', 1963

27.09 | H17.30 @Cinema Teatro Astra

Guido is a director, forty years old, a bit tired. Everything about him is tired: the relationship with his wife, with his producer, with his friends, even with his lover. Naturally the inspiration has become subtle, ideas are rare and abstract, laziness advances.
Eight and a half is considered by many the highest expression of Fellini, even more so of La Dolce Vita. Here everything is accomplished, all mysteries are identified. The director's world evolves from (more or less) real that it was, rises in size to become everything.
The film received 5 nominations and won 2 Oscars, won 7 Nastri d'Argento, In Italy at the Box Office 8 ½ received 24.4 thousand euros in the first 7 weeks of programming and 392 thousand euros in the first weekend.

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