Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


with Paolo Cevoli and the journalist Guido Barlozzetti. Music performed
by the Asa Nisi Masa Quartet.

Tonino Guerra began writing using his dialect during his experience in a concentration camp, so that some of his mates from Romagna could understand his stories. Even though his poems represent folk culture, they have specific metaphysical features and usually take place in an oneiric space. One of the most emblematic tales is that of the little old lady who lost her three hairs by combing them so much; once bald, she found her place in the world becoming the moon.
In Amarcord, this space he has in common with Fellini finds its highest expression: watching the film, it is impossible to separate Fellini from Guerra’s work. The uncle on the tree screaming the phrase “A voi na dona” seems a typical Guerra’s figure, while the little nun who helps him climb down is clearly related to Fellini.
After all, Amarcord is a film about life seasons, and we will live this fascinating experience guided by the writer and journalist Guido Barlozzetti and the “Romagnolo DOP” Paolo Cevoli, accompanied by the music performed by the Asa Nisi Masa Quartet.

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