Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


with Roy Menarini


16:00 | Palazzo del Turismo
Cinema lessons
“Movie Lovers: How love of movies has changed from silent films to streaming”
With Roy Menarini
Length: 2h

A Cinephile is a person with an absolute love of cinema.  The word was coined in France a century ago and indicates a person that has chosen the seventh art as the most important esthetic patrimony.  But it means more than just “a love of cinema”, it implies cultivating this love in a group, recognizing it as a culture, sharing a passion for certain directors and not for others, fighting for certain artistic values against others.  A passionate story that has moved from the film club to the internet.  The seminar will explain in an educational manner the characteristics of this love, analyzing directors, films and customs of the cinephile or the movie lover.


Born 14 October 1971, teaches Cinematography at the University of Bologna located in Rimini.      

This event is open to the community and those who work in this sector.  Booking is required. Spectators must wear a mask and show their green pass.
 Info and booking:


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