Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


by Alessio Fattori

20:30 | Parco Culturale La Casa Rossa di A.Panzini
Roby Puma – L’artista tremendo (65’)
By Alessio Fattori
First Preview

Singer, poet, musician, sculptor and transformist comic, also terrific artist, Roby Puma, remains a mythical figure for Bellaria, which lost him in 2015. For over thirty years he was ever-present on the beaches, in the streets of Borgata Vecchia, in the clubs of the center, places that he chose as an impromptu stage for his performances. He sought contact with people and gave hilarious moments to all, citizens, and tourists of Bellaria. But if you looked closely, there was more, and Vinicio Capossela remembers him as: “Iconoclastic artist, who opposed rules, conventions, institutions normally understood and accepted in society. Roby destroyed the sacred image of acquired custom, creating a purer proposal. It was the purity of those who are untouched by convention.”
The documentary is a tribute to the Puma, in life Roberto Zanzani, by Alessio Fattori, a director from Bellaria who researched him among testimonies, unpublished audio and video material, to return him to us – thanks to the Comune di Bellaria Igea Marina who participated in the producyion – and consecrate him to local myth with the premiere screening at the 39th BFF.

Free admission, subject to availability. Access to the area will be allowed to spectators with a mask and green pass.

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