Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


by Pupi Avati


21:00 | Cinema -Theatre Astra |
Il papà di Giovanna (104')
by Pupi Avati
Italy, 2008

Production: Duea Film, Medusa Film

Bologna 1938. Michele Casali teaches design at the same institute where his daughter Giovanna studies. Michele is a loving father, but overprotective. He does not recognize the mental health problems of his daughter and cannot save her when she is committed to a mental institution after killing her best friend. During the time she spends in almost total isolation, the only person who looks after her is her father. This further strengthens the already strong father-daughter relationship from which Delia, the girl’s mother, has always been excluded. Sergio, who is a police inspector and a close friend of Michele’s, is witness to the terrible events. He is also secretly in love with Delia. In the winter of 1953, in a Bologna which is still recovering from the horrors of the war, Delia and Giovanna’s eyes lock in the darkness of a small cinema: Giovanna is by now much better and still in the company of her doting father. Her mother no longer has any doubts: this is the start of a new life, this time, together.

Free admission, subject to availability. Access will be allowed to spectators with a mask and green pass. 

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