Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY


By Maria Cristina Osti


17:15 | Astra Cinema and Theatre
Canticum (7’)
By Maria Cristina Osti
Produced by: Operiamo Associazione Culturale Aps
Italy, 2021
First Preview
Canticum: some of your color, your odor, your delicate silence... Comacchio whispers.   The story of the territory of Comacchio told to us through the images and sounds of its lagoon, through the music and poetry of its language of origin, through its valleys and its nature.  Its strength that becomes part of the essence of those who live there, outlining a geography of existence both present and past.
“Thanks to its communicative power, the sensorial evocation offers a new contribution to the interpretation of the naturalistic patrimony which is increasingly unknowable but contributes also to its safeguarding.” Maria Cristina Osti
Free admission, subject to availability. Spectators must wear a mask and show their green pass.

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