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Kabul, beyond the news

By Michele Penelope


17:45 ! Astra Cinema and Theatre
Kabul, beyond the news (42’)
By Michele Penelope
Produced by RAI and edited by Antonella Delprino, Franco Di Mare and Pietro Raschillà
Italy, 2002
The Afghan adventure of three journalists sent by different RAI broadcasting stations, who shared the reporting of a country still governed by the Taliban after 9/11.  The story begins in Peshawar in Pakistan, with the long wait for permission to enter the country and then leave for Kabul.  Their meeting with Maria Grazia Cutuli, the envoy of “Corriere della Sera” who died shortly after on the road to Kabul.  Antonella Delprino, Pietro Raschillà and Franco Di Mare gathered the unedited images of their daily life in Kabul behind the scenes of the work they did and that every day was broadcast on “La vita in diretta” and “Porta a Porta” on Rai 1 and on the news on Rai 2.  Kabul beyond the news allows us to discover a new world very distant from ours but one that in the past had known and accepted Western civilization - before the Taliban.  A story that ends with the difficult departure from a country full of traps and hopes.
Free admission, subject to availability. Spectators must wear a mask and show their green pass.

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