Bellaria Film Festival - Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) - ITALY



The coordination of the different phases of the festival (conception, planning, art direction and management, communication, promotion and realization) are entrusted to an adequate and expert team of professionals and employees.

Art Direction, Marcello Corvino: Degree in Violin; Musicology Degree in Drama, Art and Music Studies from the University of Bologna; theatre, music and film producer, founder of the company Corvino Produzioni. Many successful shows in collaboration with M. Hack, P. Odifreddi, E. Berselli, C. Augias, M. Travaglio, F.Rampini, A. Scanzi, P. Aprile, O. Beha, C. S. Fioretti, G. Lauro, G. Colombo, G. Ayala, B. Tinti, V. Cerami, S. Benni, L. Wertmuller, Don Gallo, S. Cristicchi, L. Dalla, G. Casale, S. Shapiro, A. Ruggiero, E. Bennato, L. Bacalov, the rapper Piotta, M. Placido, I. Ferrari, V. Lodovini, D. Riondino, M. Alemanno, E. Fantastichini, F. Vincenti, B. Lodigiani. Several DVD and editorial productions, among which “Promemoria” by M. Travaglio and “Binario21” by Moni Ovadia, one of Italy’s best-selling books. Numerous co-productions with RAI: “Anna Politkovskaia” with O. Piccolo and directed by F. Cappa; “Raccontare Chopin”, with C. Augias and G. Modugno; “Binario 21” with Moni Ovadia (special mention Award Prix Italia); the documentary “È stato morto un ragazzo”, directed by F. Vendemmiati (winner at the Bari International Film Festival and winner of a David di Donatello Award); “Magazzino 18” by and with S. Cristicchi; “Io sono il teatro” with Arnoldo Foà, directed by C. D. Damato; “Prapatapumpa” with L. Dalla, M. Alemanno, Moni Ovadia, L. Savino, T. De Sio and R. Arbore, who donates his memories to this story. From December 2010 to 2015 he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna representing the Emilia-Romagna Region. Since June 2018 he is the art director of the Teatro Astra of Bellaria Igea Marina (RN). He has been the art director of the festival “Piazza Verdi Racconta”, with over 120 events included in the programme of “Bologna Estate 2019” of the Municipality of Bologna. Since May 1, 2020 he is the art director of the Teatro Comunale of Ferrara.

Management and Direction, Chiara Iemmi: Degrees in Drama, Art and Music Studies and in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna. She has a multi-year experience in the administration, management and art direction of cultural events related to theatre, publishing and art all over the national territory. For Cooperativa Le Macchine Celibi she deals with the coordination and strategic planning of many museum, theatre and library services, as well as of tourist information offices, festivals and cultural events.

Administrative Office and Accomodation, Jessica Andreucci: First Cycle Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, Second Cycle Degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and Professional Master in Promotion of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management. She has been having the same position since 2018; she is in charge of the administrative office at the Teatro Astra of Bellaria. She coordinates European and cultural projects for the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (Alma Mater Studiorum) and the Municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone. She deals with fundraising, tourism marketing and management of events for public institutions and associations. She teaches English and holds courses of management of events and enhancement of cultural heritage for the University of Bologna. She is a member of the Associazione Spazi Indecisi – the first one in Italy to develop a prototype of Museo Diffuso related to architecture in state of abandon – for which she deals with the press office, the planning of cultural events and didactic activities.


Administrative Office Assistant, Gianna Colombari: First Cycle Degree in Humanities with a final dissertation on film semiotics and the genre studies of the ‘70s; Second Cycle Degree in History of Art with a final dissertation on video art and new feminist theories. She has a YouTube Channel, in which she analyses and gives advice on films that pass the Bechdell-Wallace test. She also has a blog, on which she writes for passion. As of this year she holds film clubs in high schools. She is in charge of the press office and the social media communication of the Teatro Astra of Bellaria Igea Marina.


Graphics and Social Media Manager, Matilde Pretolesi: visual artist who works in the field of social media communication. She post-produced web campaigns for Kiko and Converse and in 2018 she realized the graphics, the opening credits and the end credits of the docufilm “#OPS – L’evento”, distributed in cinemas by Notorius Pictures. In 2020, after having specialised in video post-production attending an advanced training course funded by the European Social Fund, she has produced her first short film “Afterlife” in which she curated filming, direction, editing and post-production. She is currently managing the web communication for the docufilm “PETROSYAN”, still in production.


Press Office, Marilisa Capuano: multi-year experience in charge of press office, communication and events. In 2006 she founded “Maba Comunica”, her agency of press office, creative communication and management of events in Venice. She collaborates with La Biennale di Venezia, works for the most famous Italian festivals and plans events and international exhibitions. Since 2018 she is in charge of the Press Office of the Bellaria Film Festival.


Photographer and Videomaker, Debra Pollarini: accredited freelance photographer, Degree in Cultural Heritage and Second Level Professional Master’s in Management of Cultural Assets and Activities from the Ca’ Foscari (University of Venice). She deals with digital and multimedia content for art galleries and theatres. Apart from the Teatro Astra, she is a photographer for the Teatro Goldoni in Venice and works as an assistant for the planning of artistic – cultural projects related to theatre and exhibitions. Among her most important experiences we find the collaborations with Galleria Continua (San Gimignano), Vois OFF (Arles Festival) and the Gran Teatro La Fenice. She has also worked on contemporaneous visual projects in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean area; the project “Shades of Israel” has been exhibited at the Visa Pour L’Image 2017 in Perpignan, France.
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