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Cold lands

di Iratxe Fresneda

Giovedì 26 Settembre
ore 10:00
Teatro Astra

Diretto da :iratxe Fresneda
Prodotto da: iratxe Fresneda
1 hour 5 minutes
anno: 2018

Spagna, 2018 – 65'
Cold Lands vi porterà in un viaggio on the road attraverso il cinema e le immagini, guidato dal regista e da numerosi artisti: Theo Angelopoulos, Bego Vicario, Wim Wenders, Rut Hillarp e molti altri, raccontando la loro visione di cosa il cinema sia realmente e di cosa si nasconda dietro le immagini. Un viaggio nel panorama umano, che intreccia il mondo del cinema con altri mondi, come quello dell'apicoltura, o dell'architettura.
Da ampi paesaggi bruciati dal sole, alle bluastre luci delle isole nordiche, Cold Lands rappresenta un viaggio dietro le quinte dei paesaggi dei quali il cinema si è appropriato, osservandoli con l'occhio indagatore e romantico del regista. Così cinematografia e vita si confondono l'una con l'altra, consapevoli che l'atto stesso di vivere è, in sé, una forma d'arte.

Cold Lands makes a personal journey through the images and cinema, guided by filmmakers and artist like, Theo Angelopoulos, Bego Vicario, Wim Wenders or Rut Hillarp among others.
In this non-fictional road-movie their vision of what cinema is, of what is hidden behind the images, intersects with the world of beekeeping, architecture and the human landscape.
Cinema within cinema and film locations that acquire new meanings when revisited by the contemporary gaze. From the landscapes of the interior, burnt by the sun, passing through the blue light of the northern lands, the film reflects on cinematographic archives, their validity and their importance as a cultural treasure. At the same time, it gives filmic archaeology a new meaning by making it interact with images of the present.
“Cold Lands” is a journey through the meanings acquired by what is offstage in the landscapes appropriated by cinema, through the questioning of nature by the filmmaker’s romantic gaze. Cinema and real life are confused with each other, in the knowledge that living is in itself a work of art.
- film in lingua originale con sottotitoli in inglese
Cold Lands is a non-fiction, documentary film that, playing with the tracks of cinema’s history and current cinematographic resources, reflects on the status of the filmic image by adopting the form of a contemporary road movie.
By means of an audio-visual puzzle, this feature-length, non-fiction film seeks to link fiction with reality, the gaze of the person observed with that of the observer, celluloid and the digital image, past and present, through distinct textures and thematic groupings.
The film, divided into two parts differentiated by the form and evolution of its subject, sets out from everyday reality to enter the world of cinematographic fiction, delving into the world of beekeeping and using bees as a metaphor of the profession of the traditional filmmaker.
Through the words and works of different directors and artists, we journey in the first part through landscapes linked to light and the colour of honey. Aragón and Basque Country are part of the itinerary that gradually starts to look northwards from the maritime landscapes to reach as far as Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Iceland guided by artists like Eduardo Chillida, Lars Trier, Bego Vicario, Wim Wenders, Eulalia Abaitua or Rut Hillarp.
In formal terms, the film works with archive images which interact with contemporary images filmed in search of what is fresh and unexpected in the real world. Inquiring into the connection between the past and the present, everyday reality and fiction, Cold Lands seeks to establish discursive links with the spectators, inviting them to think and simultaneously enjoy the image in a context of reflection and audio-visual play.
In attempting to preserve everyday experiences in an unconventional way, far removed from the norms, the film links together cinematographic traditions and cultures, sharing and contrasting visions, playing an anti-documentary game. It breaks with spatial and temporal conventions to sketch and, and keep them united. In short, it aims to match spaces inhabited by the cinema with the territory of fiction.and spaces different register.

“The places of the north exist beyond physical space

and cinema also has its cold lands”.

In many cases, spaces are the foundations of audio-visual narratives, the “home” of stories. Places that, with the arrival of cinema or, more simply, with the passage of time have ceased to be what they were, ending up uninhabited or in ruins. In Cold Lands spaces function as living witnesses to the stories that take place in them or that continue to happen, and also as nexuses of union between people and their creations.
The non-existent city in Dogville (Lars Trier, 2003) drawn in chalk, abandoned beehives, sculptures by Eduardo Chillida that twin the towns of Hernani (Basque Country) and Lund (Sweden), ruined castles that gave rise to Hollywood super-productions, bridges and mountains, all form part of the real and fictional imaginary that is crossed by Cold Lands.

Director Biography - Iratxe Fresneda
Iratxe Fresneda (Bilbao, 1974) is a PhD lecturer at the Audiovisual Communication Department at the University of The Basque Country UPV/EHU where she lectures on non-fiction scriptwriting and in the master course on Feminist Studies. In her doctoral thesis she examined stereotypes about women in Lars von Trier's films. She has been visiting lecturer at the University of Nevada, Reno (USA), in Film Studies at Lund University (Sweden) and at the University of Toulouse II - Le Mirail (France).
Screenwriter, curator and film critic, she contributes to different kinds of media and collaborates with different cultural institutions internationally as well as participates in different programs as "Sunday in The country" organized by European Film Academy in 2016, Cervantes Institute Praga, Basque Studies Centre Reno (USA),Obrador Internacional de Dramaturgia Beckett de Barcelona, Loraldia, Azkuna Zentroa-Alhóndiga Bilbao, etc.
Irrintziaren Oihartzunak (2016), her debut as director, has participated in different international festivals such as the 64th San Sebastian Film Festival, the 27th Spanish Film Festival of Nantes, 48th International Film Festival Nyon Doc Outlook International Market, the 25th Mostra International Film Festival of Barcelona, 5th Movecinearte Film Festival Sao Paulo, International Unseen Film Festival Bilbao or 2017 (BEST BASQUE FILM AWARD) among others.
After her directorial debut with Irrintziaren Oihartzunak (2016), which premiered at the Donostia International Film Festival, she continues working on “The Record Trilogy”, Cold Lands (2018) and Tetuan, Tiṭṭawin, The eyes (2020).
ain equipment: her body in motion, her imagination and the freedom to use them.
Director Statement
Lurralde Hotzak ('Cold Lands') is the solitary journey of a woman, accompanied by her camera and the ghosts of cinema. In this non-fiction road-movie, the filmmaker's gaze intersects with beekeeping, architecture and northern light.
In Lurralde Hotzak time stops for the gaze to filter and the camera to record sequences that pursue free and vagabond images. Found footage, Zoetropes, pioneering photographers, ducks, cities and mountains link a journey through the status of the image and the stories of cinema.
Based on sketches, travels and research accumulated over the years, the director constructs an artefact based on observation, becoming the film's main equipment: her body in motion, her imagination and the freedom to use them.
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