Song of all ends

Section Gabbiano

09 May 2024 | 21:00

Palazzo del Turismo

National premiere


At the border of Beirut, within the Shatila refugee camp, we encounter the Alhaddad family, Palestinians who, displaced from their homeland, have resided there since 2011. During the explosion in the port of Beirut in 2020, their youngest daughter, Houda, is killed. With perseverance, gentleness and a rare visual power, Giovanni C. Lorusso recounts the everyday life of the Shatila camp and a grieving family. The story of a painful end and the necessary search for a new beginning.


Production: Labo GCL.

Cast: Galeb Alhaddad, Bouthina Alhaddad, Abdullah Alhaddad, Shrouk Alhaddad, Hassan Alhaddad, Ali Solaiman, Houda Alhaddad

Regia di Giovanni C. Lorusso


France, Italy, Lebanon


Giovanni C. Lorusso


Director of photography and director, Giovanni C. Lorusso, born in Sardinia, studied literature at Sapienza University in Rome and philosophy at Birkbeck College in London. His first feature film as director, Anna, was screened as part of the Venice Days’ Venice Nights during the Venice Film Biennale in 2023.