Bellaria film festival

“What is independent cinema? It’s made of works capable of making us forget how, where and why they were born, then capable of making us wonder.”
– Enrico Ghezzi


The Bellaria Film Festival is the home of Italian independent cinema, a special home, by the sea: since 1983 a reference point for new and courageous experiments in film language.


The 42nd edition of the Festival concluded on 12th May 2024, resulting in a year to remember. Don’t worry we’re not stopping here… see you soon!

13 May 2024

The winners | BFF42

We’ve made it to the final credits. The 42nd edition of Bellaria Film Festival has come to an end! Here are the winners of this incredible edition. Thank you to all those who contributed to this ever-growing home of independent cinema.

11 May 2024

(in)emergenza | The winners!

Last night the winners of BFF (in)emergenza were announced! A program organised in collaboration with Cinecittà with the aim of supporting emerging independent cinema! For another year, the winners received tangible prizes to assist the post-production phase of their projects.

9 May 2024

Qualcosa di nuovo in TV: Antonia and Supersex

Bellaria Film Festival opens up to TV series through the female gaze coming from the cinema of reality. A conversartion between Chiara Martegiani, Chiara Malta (Antonia) and Francesca Mazzoleni and Saul Nanni (Supersex).

27 April 2024

Jury | Gabbiano Competition

Meet the jury of the Gabbiano competition: Alessandro Comodin, author and director; Carla Vulpiani, programmer and distributor; and Roberto Cavallini, producer.