Gli occhi stanchi

Controcampo Italiano

12 May 2024 | 15:00

Cinema Roma

A Polish girl returns home after spending eight years abroad. The return journey she spends in a van and in the company of a film crew that will make a documentary about her and her story.


«”Gli occhi stanchi” was the film that dazzled me, one of the most intense ever to unmask the mask that cinema wears for us and which becomes our own. Merciless in offending the serene consoling or merely tranquillising imbecility with which still too many defend themselves against it by dividing by judging by ranting about fiction/non-fiction»


Enrico Ghezzi, «FilmTv» n.26, 26 June 2010

Regia di Corso Salani




Corso Salani

Born in Florence in 1961, he graduated from the Istituto di Scienze Cinematografiche in the same city in 1984. Since 1985 he has lived in Rome. In 1995 he held a course on low budget cinema at the Universidad del cine in Buenos Aires. In 1999, he taught Italian language at the Accademia Italiana in Warsaw. A tireless traveller, he alternated between acting and directing. His roles include Marco Risi’s Il muro di gomma, Ugo Gregoretti’s Il Conto Montecristo for TV, and Andrea Adriatico’s Il vento di sera. His films include Occidente (2000), Palabras (2003), Il peggio di noi (2006), the series of 6 documentaries Confini d’Europa (2006-2007), Le vite possibili, and, most recently, Mirna.

Corso Salani passed away in June 2010.