Nouveau monde!

Special screenings

11 May 2024 | 18:00

Cinema Roma

National premiere

in the presence of the directors


Nicolas Klotz and Elizabeth Perceval’s new film was shot in Ouessant, an island off the coast of Brittany where Jean Epstein shot his docu-fiction Finis Terræ nearly a hundred years ago. Nouveau Monde! similarly shares Epstein’s documentary instincts, especially in terms of documenting the physical terrain.


The tension between the real and the unreal, a central aspect of Epstein’s thinking, finds formal expression through rigorous mise-en-scene based on a dialectical understanding of time and space, fixed on long, fixed, roving shots that restructure the standard field/counterpoint scheme. The duo’s journey culminates in this “arrière-garde” film, which fractures the temporalities of story, film and narrative in launching the conditions of a “new cinema” for a “new world.” Here cinema becomes not only the sensory marker of the contemporary, but also an instrument of political and epistemological transformation.


Cast: Fosco Corliano, Josiane Jezegou, Helene Michèle, Christian Dubet, Mitra Prieto Khoshnoudi, Achille Rogge, Sofia Carvalheira, Michael Bejaoui, Elisabeth Perceval


Regia di Nicolas Klotz, Elizabeth Perceval




Nicolas Klotz, Elizabeth Perceval