La timidezza delle chiome

Section Casa Rossa

13 May 2023 | 15:00

Sala Hera — Cinema Astra

Joshua e Benjamin Israel are homozygotic twins raised in a family of Jewish tradition. Their story begins by the end of high schools, when a pressing doubt emerges: what I want to do in my life? This question could often seem so trivial, but it isn’t so for the two protagonists of La timidezza delle chiome – Valentina Bertani’s first movie. Benjamin e Joshua are looking for their place in a world that doesn’t always welcome them as they would like: being twenty and having a natural charisma with a hint of swagger isn’t enough if you have an intellectual disability. Valentina Bertani observes them through different media and narrates their complex, and sometimes tough, growth pathway with great sensitivity. La timidezza delle chiome was presented at the Giornata degli Autori of 79th Biennale Cinema di Venezia, awarded at Nastri d’Argento and nominated for David di Donatello 2023 as best documentary. It’s a pop-toned story about formation that plays with the boundaries at the intersection of fiction and documentary.

Produced by: Diaviva, MoviePlus

Cast: Benjamin Israel, Joshua Israel, Sergio Israel, Monica Carletti, Michela Scaramuzza

Regia di Valentina Bertani


Italia, Israele


Valentina Bertani

Valentina Bertani (Mantova, 1984) is a filmmaker and screenplayer. She studied filmmaking at the NUCT in Gianfranco Pannone’s classroom. She made vidoclips for artists like Luciano Ligabue, Negramaro, Raphael Gualazzi, Dolcenera, Arisa, Tricarico, The Kolors, Gianluca Grignani, Stadio. In 2016 she directed for  Disney UK the second unit of the movie Tini: the new life of Violetta. In 2018 she directed for Fox Live the documentary Made in Italy: Luciano Ligabue. La timidezza delle chiome is her first full-lenght movie.